Another food experiment: Whole food for a week

Good morning beautiful people, I’ve decided to do a little food experiment and cut off all the processed foods from my (vegan) diet for a whole week. I thought you might want to know that.

By processed food I mean foods that come with too much packaging and that contain ingredients that I can’t pronounce. I’m still having things like soy milk or tofu, which are technically processed foods but they are basically just soy beans and water in a different form.
I’m doing this experiment because I’m trying really really hard to reduce waste, buy in bulk as much as I can and generally have a smaller impact on the planet. I’m also interested in finding ways to help my digestion which is fucked up to say the least.

I’m vlogging my progress and below is Part 1, hopefully I’ll manage to squeeze the rest of the week in Part 2 only but there might be a Part 3 in the event I ramble too much (which is very likely).

Hope you enjoy and you find this helpful, and feel free to let me know what you think! Thanks!

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