Not all days are good days (and that’s ok)

Yesterday was a crappy day. I felt physically shattered and emotional drained. I like to think that I have fewer days like this than I actually have. When you wake up in the morning feeling like the entire world is crushing you, it seems like every single morning you’re going to wake up feeling this way. It’s scary how it just happens so randomly, even when you had the best time the day before, even when you’re life’s perfect and you look like the happiest freaking person on the planet from the outside. And it’s scary because some emotions you can’t control. They control you. But now you’re stronger because you can see them coming. You can recognise them. You can process them. And ultimately you know you made it if if was just one day. Don’t let negative thoughts bring you down. I know I’m not going to. I’m not going to let myself crawl into a ball of self loath. I’m going for a walk. I’m making some art. I’m having gallons of tea.

Not all days are good days – and that’s ok.


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