Average – A Poem

I’m not beautiful or ugly
And my features don’t stand out
I don’t smell like peach and honey
But I’m not that bad throughout.

I’m not supermodel skinny
Nor I’m tall, for that regard
But I’m mirthful, smart and funny
And I’m not a ball of lard.

I sure have a lot of pastimes
None of which I excel at:
Drawing, singing, writing rhymes…
Anybody could do that.

But in spite of not being top-notch
I still hope to be remembered,
After all I will be watching
Even once I’m six feet under.



Hi all! My name is Giulka and I’m starting off a new blog adventure on the many things I’m passionate about and want to share with the world wide web.
I’m not a fan of labels, but for the sake of clarity and to help you guys decide whether you might want to give me a thumbs-up, here’s a few things about meself:

  1. I do my best to be a vegan. I follow a plant-based diet and I avoid animal products in all forms as much as I can. I know I’m not  100% vegan-perfect but I’m aiming to be.
  2. I am a happy humanist and a proud atheist. Religion doesn’t make any sense to me and I believe you can be good to yourself and others without a holy book telling you to.
  3. I am originally from Italy, currently living in London and moving to New Zealand in June (!!!)
  4. I work in a publishing company where I make cute fluffy children’s books.
  5. I like reading and travelling on top of everything else and my life dream is to find a job that pays me for doing these two things.

I’m aiming to be posting once a week and I want to make this blog as professional as I can. Among other things, this is what you will find:

  1. Veganism, vegan recipes, food-related yumminess in general
  2. Humanism/skepticism/why you should question everything and think with your own head
  3. Travelling adventures!
  4. Monthly favourites
  5. Books reviews
  6. Lists (in case you didn’t notice, I love lists)

I hope you all enjoy! Here are other places you can find me:

Twitter: @Giulka
YouTube: Giulka Ebdus