Raw Vegan Challenge – Conclusions

Hello beautiful people, my raw vegan challenge week is officially over and I’ve just filmed an extra long video drawing my conclusions (I had a huge vegan calzone today for lunch so you can imagine what those are). To quickly sum it up, I’m very happy that I put myself through this, I had been thinking about it for so long that it had to be done, plus it gave me the chance to learn something new about my body and to do some more research on the subject. I do believe that a raw vegan diet is sustainable, that you can get all your nutrients and calories and be happy and healthy, but I also believe that it is a bit high maintenance -especially at the beginning- and that it really does make a difference where you live and what your lifestyle is (i.e. what kind of job you have). I know I’ve only done this for a week which is probably not long enough to have a clear idea of what being a raw vegan is, and although I can see some benefits in it, overall I haven’t been feeling great, I really have been struggling with how cold I constantly was, and I didn’t like how my relationship with food was being shaped. After this experiment I have decided that raw veganism is not for me, at least for the time being. Now that I have a blender I will surely keep on having breakfast smoothies (which I love!), and I’m not excluding that I might try raw veganism again in the future (when it’s hot enough), however for now I’m very happy to go back to my regular vegan diet and enjoy bread and soups and oh my god mash potatoes.
Of course I’m not against this lifestyle and if you are a raw vegan thumbs up to you, you’ve got all my respect!

Here’s my (very extensive) explanation on what I’ve learned in the past seven days. As always, thank you so much for stopping by and stay tuned for more vegan-related posts!

Raw Vegan Challenge – Part 2

Yesterday I filmed a quick recap of the first three days as a raw vegan. (I had some cooked food on day 2 cos I was at a friend’s for lunch but that’s fine.) Day 1 and 2 were good, however day 3 was a bit of a challenge because 1. it was cold, and 2. I keep on pooping. Is this normal? It seems like all I’m doing is going to the toilet. I understand that with all the liquids and greens I’m introducing, my body’s reaction can only be to digest at the speed of light and make me bend over with cramps three times a day. But I wonder if this is just a first stage I have to go through to let my guts adjust to the new diet, or if it’s going to be like this forever as long a I eat this way?

Anyway, it’s still too early to draw conclusions and for now I’m happy I’m experimenting. Enjoy some food porn and the Grandma version of myself below!

Stuffed pepper with rice, black beans and guacamole

This is basically a burrito using a pepper instead of bread –a healthy option if you want to watch out for carbs (or if you’ve run out of tortillas like in my case, because CARBS ARE YOUR FRIENDS AND YOU SHOULDN’T BE AFRAID OF THEM).
It’s the easiest thing ever to make, although it does take a long time to cook (and by a long time I mean longer than the usual 7 minutes I normally allow myself to make dinner). But you don’t have to do anything while the beans and rice are cooking, you can amuse yourself with other amenities like knitting or  taxidermy as long as you remember to stir from time to time.

What you need

  • One pepper (or as many as you want to eat)
  • A cup of rice
  • Black beans (I had some dried ones but you can also use canned kidney beans)
  • Guacamole
  • Sweet chilli sauce (optional)
  • Cheese flavouring (optional)

What to do

  1. If you’re using dried beans, make sure you soak them overnight (or during the day if you’re making this for dinner). They should be soaked for about 8 hours.
  2. Rinse the beans and cook them for 54 million years. This takes forever! If you’re using kidney beans you obviously only need to heat them up.
  3. Cook the rice in a separate pan.
  4. Take your pepper, chop off the top and scoop out the inside, so it looks like a little nice bowl.
  5. Bake the pepper for about 15 minutes, or until it gets soft (this really depends on how you like your peppers, I don’t like them raw so I’d tend to bake them for longer).
  6. When the rice is ready, if you want you can add some sweet chilli sauce for flavour.
  7. If you want you can also add some cheese flavouring to the beans (this is my favourite).
  8. When the beans are also ready, it’s time to stuff your pepper. Put a layer of rice on the bottom and a layer of beans on top. Then bake the whole thing again until the pepper starts to turn brownish on the edges (again, this is up to your taste).
  9. Take the pepper out of the oven, top it up with guacamole, and stuff your face in it!

Also watch the video here, and for more vegan yumminess you can also follow me on Instagram 🙂
Thanks guys!

Baked sweet potato with soy mince

What you need

  • Sweet potatoes (as many as you want)
  • A pack of soy mince (I got mine from Tesco but there are quite a few you can choose from, Holland&Barrett also have a good one)
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Onions
  • Tomato passata
  • Olive oil
  • Salt, black pepper and paprika (optional)

What to do

  1. Slice the sweet potatoes length-wise and stab them a few times to make them cook faster. Then bake them in the oven at 200°C for about 45min.
  2. If your mince is frozen, I suggest you defrost it in the microwave first. If not, just put it aside for now.
  3. Chop up some onions and heat them up in a pan with some olive oil.
  4. Chop up the carrots and the celery and set them aside.
  5. I like my onions to be a bit overcooked, so I would wait until they turn brown before adding the carrots and the celery, but if you don’t mind your onions to be on the raw side, feel free to add in the chopped carrots and celery straight away.
  6. Mix well adding a bit of water if needed. I’d also add salt, black pepper and a little bit of paprika at this point.
  7. When the veggies are turning soft, it’s time to add the mince. Stir everything together until soft.
  8. Add the tomato passata and stir well.
  9. If the mince is ready before the sweet potatoes, just cover it up while you wait.
  10. When the sweet potatoes are all nice and soft, take them out of the oven and cut them open. Then pour the mince on top and stuff your face in it!

Also check out the video here! Have a nice evening guys!


Baked sweet potato with avocado and tomato salsa

Hi lovelies! I’ve been extra busy in the past week but I thought I’d share this yummy recipe with you. Hope you enjoy!

What you need

  • One sweet potato (or two, or how many the heck you want)
  • One ripe avocado
  • Two tomatoes
  • Spring onions
  • Salsa
  • Parsley
  • Olive oil
  • Nutritional yeast

What to do

  1. Slice the potato(s) length-wise and stab it with a fork. This will make it cook faster.
  2. If you’re vegan, surely you know how to bake a sweet potato. What else do you live on?? Just kidding. Put the potato in the oven at 200°C for about 45 minutes. When it’s ready it will make bubbles, but you can always poke it with a fork from time to time to check if it’s turning soft.
  3. While you wait, finely chop the spring onions and heat them up in a pan with some olive oil.
  4. Wash the tomatoes and finely chop them as well, removing the seeds (you can leave the seeds if you want, I just find they make the salsa too moist).
  5. Set the chopped tomatoes aside in a bowl and add the salsa, parsley, olive oil, and the spring onions that should be all nice and ready by now.
  6. Get your avocado, peel it and mash it with a fork. You should end up with some sort of puree.
  7. Add some nutritional yeast (duh) and black pepper.
  8. When the sweet potato is ready, take it out of the oven and made the cut a bit wider. Pour a layer of tomato salsa on it and top it up with the avocado.

This is what it should look like:

I hope you enjoyed!  Don’t forget to also watch the video here
Speak soon!